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The      Climate       (Σx)change  

About Big Blue Crypto 

Virtual currencies' enormous energy requirements may be leading us to an ecological catastrophe. We believe that rewarding deliberate monetary behavior is the best form of encouragement to address this very real threat. Big Blue Exchange offers an “intermittent trading” system that is focused on solving this problem plaguing every cryptocurrency exchange. 

Like recycling, caring for our planet takes some amount of work and sacrifice. Intermittent transactions, made within a specific time-frame or frequency parameter, are a small price to pay for a healthy planet. 
Mission statement: Switching the unsustainable off to save the world!

Big Blue

is green technology with E.S.G. (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) at its heart. 

“We Love This Idea!”

-World Economic Forum Uplink, Nature Tech Challenge 

Crypto Anywhere to Save Everywhere

Mobile and desktop applications for guilt-free digital currency transactions.

How it Works

Big Blue is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that minimizes energy use by rewarding judicious trading behavior through intermittent transactions.

The goal is thoughtful transactions which: 🌎 Mitigates Climate Change 🧠 Encourages a Long-term Investment Mindset 💰 Provides Significant Savings for Users

Rewards for Diligence

Big Blue’s users pay half price transaction fees compared to what other exchanges charge, when they transact within a specific time frame or number of times per day.* Transactions outside of the reward period cost the same as other exchanges. Being rewarded for diligence also helps users avoid the downsides associated with a day trading mentality. *example

You can run an average U.S. home for 59 days* with the energy it takes to complete one Bitcoin transaction.

*    Big Blue is the only cryptocurrency exchange addressing this massive energy use and climate crisis in this way.  

Planet & Profit

We are proud to promote the ethos of Stakeholder Capitalism. We want to be the example of accepting more reasonable profits for the benefit of the greater good.

  • Environmental responsibility: Our mission is to lower energy consumption and pollution in the world.

  • Fiscal advantage: Users can save 50% in fees* by transacting within a specific frequency or time frame. We call this the reward period. Fees remain competitive when trading outside of the reward period. (*As an illustration).

  • Powerful IP: Big Blue is the only exchange that can reward members for rationing digital currency transactions. As concerns regarding the environmental cost of digital transactions rise, other exchanges will seek solutions that only Big Blue can provide.

  • Win/Win: Using Big Blue means a healthier planet, wealthier supporters and an exemplification of a sensible business ideology.

Road Map

Where we were, where we're at, where we're going.



As per President Biden's Executive Order ( see link above ), we all know that digital currency transactions are killing the planet and we need an answer now. Why not just turn it off? If we could reward people for being more judicious and thoughtful with their trades, we could yield fewer transactions, which means lower energy usage. For example, imagine paying half the price for transaction fees for the first 5 transactions per day. Or paying a discounted fee to trade within a certain time period. All of this encourages users to trade within given limits and helps stifle climate change and pollution. We understand that this flies in the face of everything virtual currency and almost every other type of business is about. We call this "intermittent trading" in the spirit of Stakeholder Capitalism.


Where we were.

Protecting our idea was paramount and because we were proposing such a counterintuitive process, it was no surprise to find that no one had previous legal claim. After an exhaustive search proving the absence of any prior, similar business processes, we submitted the patent application, and we were off to save the world. This was an easy decision as our group of like-minded entrepreneurs also enjoy and want to protect the planet, especially the ocean. Naming the project after our biggest inspiration ( the ocean )  Big Blue Crypto was born.   


Where we are.

Developing a new platform that rewards intermittent transactions is not something you can buy off the shelf. After putting together all of the requirements and specifications, we now know that we need capital. We believe in the mission of Big Blue, and because of that, we are willing to part with a percentage of ownership of this project. 


Where we're going.

With resources, we will be able to complete the platform and actually make a difference in the world. The vision is implementation. Whether we are the exchange that runs with this or license the protocol/white label or acquisition, the mission is energy reduction to mitigate climate change and pollution all while promoting digital currency adoption. Our IP means we are the only company that can limit digital currency transactions to help stop climate change. 

Big Blue’s primary goal is to foster a proliferating consciousness of carbon neutrality.  

{All figures and projections are made in good faith using best available methodology and is not to be construed as investment advice. Please do your own research (DYOR) and consult a financial advisor.}